Art Dubai: Booth B-1

11 - 13 March 2022

At this year's edition of Art Dubai, Carbon 12 proudly presents a selection of works from the gallery's roster of internationally recognized, emerging and established artists, each with their own take on contemporary ideologies and their surrounding environments.


Sarah Almehairi’s new delicate and meticulous works document the artist’s daily walks and her intimate engagement with the ground as a surface of environmental and individual exchange. On the other hand, Philip Mueller continues to explore his wild, fictitious universe and its occupants in his prismatic and multifaceted compositions.


Guided by the simple, yet intricate question: What is real?, André Butzer's compositions continue to push the boundaries of painting as a means to investigate a space that is undefined in nature; both non-imaginable and non-portrayable. Emphasizing a bold use of vibrant color, his paintings take form in numerous iconic characters present throughout his body of work, as is detailed in his recent publication - a retrospective of this ongoing series, which simultaneously delves into the future and origins of his paintings.


Anthony Olubunmi Akinbola presents us with an extension of his series CAMOUFLAGE, through which he investigates ideas of the underlying impact of consumerism on Black culture. Anahita Razmi’s work draws references from her own Iranian heritage and examines the relationship and history between Iran and Japan. Finally, Amba Sayal-Bennett expresses her notational thought and technique through assembled structures.

Continuously transcending the extremities of their chosen materials, the artists touch on themes of hybridity, fictitious environments, culture, history, and geographic contexts.