Monika Grabuschnigg

Born 1987 In Vorarlberg, Austria

Lives and works in Berlin


Grabuschnigg's works circle questions about the meaning, identity and cultural affiliation of objects, symbols and ornaments once they have experienced a shift or de-contextualization, particularly in the form of souvenirs and other consumer products. Working mostly in the medium of sculpture her materials are clay and resins, which are processed in different mould and casting techniques, reassembling found and hand built shapes.

One of her latest works The Relics Collection 2015-2016 deals with the influence of war aesthetics in the local Afghan rug industry since the 1980s. Focusing on the representation of these rugs in contemporary art collections in Europe, referring to cultural voyeurism and the link between artwork and consumer commodity, The Relics Collection consists of several ceramic sculptures translating the war-rug imagery into vitrine destined fetish objects.