One, Wahed, Yi, Eins, Alpha: Hazem Mahdy | Solo Exhibition

10 December 2012 - 10 January 2013

The art of Hazem Mahdy is unique and personal, yet at the same time universal in its metaphysical claim. His approach fuses digital structure with analog sensibility, leading to a very concise distillation of multiple influences into an emotional and intimate artistic statement.


“One, Wahed, Yi, Eins, Alpha” is all about the abstract idea of ONE as an entity, though not a monolithic one: a fluid idea that needs constant translation and synchronization. In Mahdy’s artistic vision, body and mind are used as symbols that go beyond any holistic or dualistic approach. The embracing of a multitude of inspirations and the channeling of all energy into single compositions make his work truly transcending: the simple act of arranging suddenly becomes a vital moment for an emerging perspective.


The influences that become visible in Hazem’s work range from the Buddhist idea of the Wheel of Life, the ancient Greek claim for universality, the mystic tradition of Islam and the concept of quantum physics to the epiphanies found in transcendental meditation: everything and everyone is connected. The hand can be seen as the symbol of humanity opposing the fractal nature of the composition, mediating between body and mind, and ultimately reflecting the consciousness of a gifted young artist at work.