Art Brussels: Booth 3A-15

25 - 27 April 2015

The booth represents a contrast in subjects and mediums but collaborate with the shared issues of social situations. The work of artists connect together to initiate an expansion and redefinition of current social vocabulary and concerns.


“The Pretenders”- a series by Bernhard Buhmann, a highly painterly creation of personalities of constructed creatures sharing an appearance of constant flux as they struggle to control. Buhmann depicts the idea of our social systems in his paintings, constantly expecting greater demands from our public lifestyle along with our personal identity at crisis covered by the mask of fake reality. His individual style and unique sense for atmosphere and composition is all-pervading. Each painting creates its own narrative, translating into an epic scene of a parallel universe.


Anahita Razmi is a contemporary multi-disciplinary artist, living and working in Berlin. Her body of work focuses on issues of identity and gender while appropriating national, cultural and artistic references. Razmi will present her video installation “Middle East Coast West Coast” alongside the installation of the altered backpacks “MiddleEastPak”, making us wonder about how a change in concept can create a whole other dimension.


American multimedia artist, James Clar, presents the obvious in a conceptual dialogue with the disjuncture of communication. His multimedia installation reflects the moment of communication breakdown. The oeuvre is closely related to early minimalism and conceptualism, investigating the politics of representation. Clar’s approach towards multimedia is physical and analytical, exploring the entanglement of aesthetics and theory.