Abu Dhabi Art: Booth S9

17 - 21 November 2021

Carbon 12 is pleased to present the works of artists Anthony Akinbola, Sarah Almehairi and Bernhard Buhmann.


In their complex and intricate layering, the artworks focus on elements of form to reflect upon topics of identity. Through a diverse range of media - from Akinbola’s vivid Du-rag textile works, to Almehairi’s contemplative wooden assemblages, to Buhmann's kaleidoscopic paintings - these components come together to encapsulate the multi-faceted self. 


Examining their material terrain closely, Anthony Akinbola’s CAMOUFLAGE series primarily emphasises the Du-rag - as an object from his culture and as a readymade. Intuitively weaved  and made taut across a wooden panel, the conglomeration of color concerns the commodification of the African-American identity, and its vulnerability to structures of capitalism.


Sarah Almehairi’s sculptural woodworks, nuanced in their grain and texture, are rhythmic arrangements that ruminate on materiality, systems, interrelations and language. Accentuating shifting iterations of the primary wooden block, Almehairi’s Rebuild series consists of geometric compositions which detail the regenerative deconstruction and construction of form. 


Bernhard Buhmann’s paintings continue an in-depth study into the ever-changing interior of the indivdual in the fast-paced Information Age. Buhmann’s vector-like abstractions present motley characters, whose unfolding of multiple hues and smooth gradients translate into the affective impact of data as it continues to transform the beliefs and perceptions of people today.