André Butzer

Press Releases, Letters, Conversations, Texts, Poems Volume 3: 1999–2021
André Butzer, 2021

Publisher: VFMK

ISBN: 978-3-903572-58-4

Dimensions: 19.5 x 14.5 cm

Pages: 144

All good things come in threes and so do André Butzer’s collected writings. The third volume is elegantly sharp and poignant. Editor Alexander Linn continues to explore the unique fictitious universe, Butzer calls »NASAHEIM«. Boldly touching on the latter’s own work and biography, art history as well as music in numerous letters, in-depth conversations and poems. Guided by the simple question: What is real?, Butzer searches for »the actual location of painting, the space in-between. It’s a very esoteric but easy to understand conception of truth.«