Olaf Breuning | Public Installation

CASS Sculpture Foundation, UK

7 June—


CASS is delighted to present Heads by leading Swiss artist Olaf Breuning at the newly re-named Smithson Plaza. Heads is exhibited in partnership with Tishman Speyer, Metro Pictures and Encounter Contemporary.

Olaf Breuning has been selected as the first artist to be showcased in the Smithson Plaza public arts programme with a selection of five life-size sculptures. Breuning, who has exhibited in venues from Palais de Tokyo to MOMA, is acclaimed for his diverse and bold works and manifests his messages through multifarious medias. Known as an experimentalist, his work explores pertinent aspects of contemporary society, incorporating language and absurdist humour to speak directly to its audiences. 

Each stainless steel sculpture stands at approximately six feet tall with cut-outs of mirrored cartoonish heads mounted on scaffold supports and filled with a thought or speech bubble. The contents of each bubble range from text stating ‘Much Too Much Just Too Much’ to instantly recognisable symbols such as the thumbs-up or a heart. Reflective comments on the conditions of contemporary life are conveyed through bold yet simple forms in a similar style to graphic novels. Breuning repurposes the iconography and experience of popular culture by capturing and reflecting on a generation that is obsessed with the internet. Heads will take up home in the plaza as a comment on our fast-paced, overwhelming and media-driven contemporary existence. The hope is that the installation will encourage passers by to take a few minutes away from their busy schedules and enjoy a few moments of reflection.

Olaf Breuning comments "The heads reflect their surrounding and speak in a simplified emoji language. Our time seems to be ever more complicated, with a lot more information reflecting on us. This makes it understandable that we, simply just do not have the time to make detailed and thoughtful statements in such a fast moving world. “i like” or “i don't like” is just enough for the moment. However, having said that, “i like” that the heads will be shown in London!"

June 7, 2018
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