SARA RAHBAR | Group Exhibition

Ford Foundation Gallery | Center for Social Justice, New York

Perilous Bodies

5 March - 11 May 2019 


The trilogy of exhibitions in the gallery's inaugural year offer varied interpretations on the theme of Utopian Imagination. The exhibitions bring together a diverse group of international artists who draw on craft, activism, data visualization, and agitprop to point the way to a more just future.


Perilous Bodies, the first exhibition in the series, includes photography, sculpture, video, installation, and performance by artists using their own cultural traditions to address oppression. Exploring societal violence fueled by xenophobia, racism, class, and gender inequality, these  artworks make powerful statements about ideas and realities we are quick to turn away from: black bodies, refugee camps, the detritus of borderlands, broken earth. Through these works, the artists seek to transform a world in peril into one we all want to live in.

March 5, 2019
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