Anahita Razmi | Museum Group Exhibition

Museo Novecento, Italy

The body is a sacred garment



The video exhibition entitled The Body is a Sacred Garment, conceived by Beatrice Bulgari for In Between Art Film and curated by Paola Ugolini for the new cinema hall at the Museo Novecento (on the first floor), zooms in on the human body as the fil rouge uniting the works of eight international artists: MasbedoAnahita RazmiLucy HarveyDamir OčkoSilvia GiambroneMarzia MiglioraAlessandro Piangiamore and Marinella Senatore. In the selected art films – which will be projected one after the other in a continual loop running in this readapted exhibition venue – the body at the centre of the enquiry is not only physical but also mental, a body that is the measure of our existence on this terrestrial plane, a body at times negated or represented only by a single anatomical detail that stands as a metaphor for more complex existential scenarios.


2. Anahita Razmi – Middle East Coast West Coast

Daughter of a German mother and an Iranian father, Anahita Razmi is a visual artist who lives and works in Hamburg but maintains a special relationship with her father’s country of origin, as we see in the video entitled Middle East Coast West Coast (2014) in which the artist revisits the East Coast West Coast 1969 video interview by Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson.


April 21, 2018
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