André Butzer: Solo exhibition

8 November 2017 - 10 January 2018

Carbon 12 is proud to present André Butzer's third solo exhibition at the gallery, marking as well the gallery's 60th exhibition since its foundation in November 2008.


We need someone to carefully observe what happened with Butzer's so-called "N-paintings". The small painting on wood, would be a good example to carefully look at and reflect on it. We can clearly see now how the color brown is playing an important role. The white part is more or less disappearing slowly towards this brownish overall-tendency to make the whole piece an "all-in-one" and deeply resonating brown tone. Butzer´s task was to destroy the white, and he made that happen. At the Dubai exhibition, we have a perfect set-up to show this process of white-destruction. In the four works from 2016, we see this white still reigning, enlightening and peacefully hovering inside the work as this beautiful back-and-forth and never-sitting-still pictorial moment. In the four works from 2017 (counting the wooden one as well), we see how the white part is slowly sacrificed in favour of an unsharp leftover as fugue, interstice, beam or threshold that is actually spreading now its entire force and color to the holy format as a welcomed totality by bringing up this warm and still secret brown tone. For the future of Butzer's works, this might be a very golden potential after all.


-Steffen Krüger, Rangsdorf, October 2017